Weber Barbeque

Weber Barbeque

Adelaide Hills Gas is a Weber Barbeque retailer. We stock a range of Weber Q and Weber Kettle Barbeques. There is a wide range of accessories available including Pizza Stones, Cookbooks, Roasting Trivets, Covers, Cleaning tools and much more.

Why do people love the Weber Q so much?

Unbelievable flavour and versatility, all with the convenience of gas. An Aussie snag is just a snag, right? And an Aussie steak, well it’s great, but it’s just a steak. Right? Wrong. Our Weber Q will transform either of these simple old favourites into juicy, mouthwatering masterpieces.  It’s not just the amazing barbecues though. Using Weber Q accessories can transform your Weber Q into a brilliant convection oven. Now your Weber Q can cook roasts with that famous Weber flavour; chicken, beef, lamb, pork and fish. And the Q can cook perfect pizzas, stir-fries, vegetables, vegetarian meals and breakfasts. Cakes, muffins and pudding cook just like in the oven. In fact, the Q is so versatile it’s like having all your kitchen cooking appliances rolled into one, cooking just outside the back door, helping to keep the kitchen clean, tidy and free of heat and smells. Imagine never having to clean the oven again!

Why buy a Weber Barbeque?

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How the Weber Q Works

The Weber Q cooking system has evolved from the legendary Weber kettle. Just about all Australians know that our Weber kettle produces those famous roasts; roasts with that fabulous flavour you just can’t get any other way. But not many people know how this flavour is created. It comes from the smoke that’s circulated around the roast while it is being cooked. This is a unique Weber kettle trait and it’s what made the Weber kettle a world famous icon. So it comes as no surprise that Weber’s research and development team set about trying to reproduce this flavour when developing the Weber Q cooking system. That’s why the Weber Q (even when grilling a steak or a snag) is operated with the lid down. Just like our Weber kettle, all the barbecue smoke is circulated around the food inside, imparting that fabulous flavour to your favourite meals. So the ‘super barbecue’ flavour is created by both branding the meat on hot iron and the natural convection that circulates barbecue smoke all around the meat. It’s this flavour that is the hallmark of the fabulous Weber Q cooking system