Bullfinch Brazing Kit

Bullfinch Brazing Kit

A portable bronze brazing system using only a single LP Gas Cylinder.

Bullfinch Propare Gas Torch

Some uses for the Bullfinch Brazing Kit

General plumbing work & pre-heating
Factory maintenance work
Tube bending
Jewellery work
Hard/silver soldering of copper pipes
Gas installation
Paint stripping
Heat shrinking

Flame Temperature

The Bullfinch Auto torch brazing burners can give temperatures up to 950 Degrees Celsius under general conditions and up to 1200 degrees C in ideal conditions only. They can therefore bronze braze under most conditions as well as being able to make faster soft and silver soldered joints (pre-heating will give the best results).
Recommended for use with maximum of 1.6mm brazing rods and maximum of 15mm copper pipe.

The Bullfinch Brazing Kit has a piezoelectric ignition giving a consistent and strong spark for the life of the torch. The Kit comes complete with the following: Autotorch brazing handle – No. 4100,
Autotorch brazing burner – No. 4104, High-pressure Regulator – No. 4041, High-pressure hose – 2.75m No.1299.