Bird Scarers



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Bird Scarers

Our Bird Scare Gun and scare cannon products have frightened birds and animal pests from fruit, vegetable, nut and grain crops by means of harmless automatic thunder clap explosions for over 35 years.

Bird Scarer, Scare Cannon Products

EXID Bird Scarer

Our Bird Scarer frightens pests by means of harmless automatic thunder clap explosions and it includes the following features:

All bird scarer cannons are equipped with a weather shield for protection against sun, wind and rain.
EXID Gas Scare-Away Cannons have a decibel rating of 92 decibels and a coverage area in excess of 5 hectares.
An all steel construction and operates on LP Gas.
Double and Multi Shot scare cannons are programmed with a set 40 second time delay between shots.
The best clock in the world may sometimes gain or lose. This is why a precision regulator is provided for correct adjustment. The degree of accuracy is 5 minutes per week.

Use Exid Bird Scarer guns to keep birds from airport runways, crops of vegetables, fruits, nuts, rice, grapes and other crops. Protect golf course greens from birds. Keep birds away from fresh water supplies and fish farms.

There are three different models.

Single Shot
Double Shot
Multi Shot

EXID Scare Gun Accessories

Single On-Off Timer

Ability to pre-program the activation (on) and deactivation (off) time for the scare gun – for ONE sequence per day (minimum 10hrs; maximum 18hrs) during a period of several months.
The operator can manipulate how many series of shots occur within a time period (check your local council restrictions) and how often during the day these occur.

Rotomat Stand

A stand designed to be compatible with all scare gun varieties.
With every detonation the cannon revolves slightly more than a quarter-turn resulting in the scare effect covering 4 times the conventional area.

GUARDIAN Bird Scarer

Guardian has been manufacturing and exporting these products for over 50 years, which has allowed them to maximise quality and efficiency in crop protection.

The Guardian Bird Scare Gun operates with LP Gas, allowing the scare gun to make loud detonations and therefore protect crops by frightening away birds and any other animal that could damage them.  These detonations may be regulated to the desired frequency, from approx. every 2 minutes to every half and hour and the loudness of the detonations can also be adjusted thanks to its telescopic cannon. The output can be varied from 80 to 120 decibels. The area protected by our Scare Cannon is three to four hectares depending on the type of crop and the type of land.

The system is switched on electronically by a piezo electric motor and the rest of the mechanism is mechanical, guaranteeing reliability and minimising breakdowns or possible problems.

The entire unit is completely zinc-coated in order to tolerate all meteorological inclemencies.

GUARDIAN Scare Gun Accessories

GUARDIAN-2 Single Rotary

Our most effective model due to its automatic rotating system which allows it to vary the direction of the detonations by 90⁰ for each explosion. It’s tripod allows it to elevate itself up to 1.5m achieving a more widespread sound and larger protected area.

Automatic Timer

The ideal accessory for all GUARDIAN-2 models.  The clock timer allows the Scare Gun to be switched on and off once a day automatically at the desired times. It is completely weather proof and works with a single AA battery.