LPG Safety



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LP Gas is a convenient and popular energy source, enjoyed in homes and as a great portable option. As with all sources of energy, you should take care and use it safely. If our helpful LPG Safety tips don’t answer your question please don’t hesitate to call one of our helpful staff to discuss further.

Gas leaks and emergencies

If you suspect you have an LPG leak, turn off your appliances and gas cylinders and call us straight away on 08 8391 1688

Until the emergency service technician arrives, make sure you:

Open all windows and doors
Don’t light a match, lighter, or any other source of open flame
Don’t smoke
Don’t use any electrical appliance or the phone and don’t switch on any lights.

Detecting a gas leak

In its natural state, LPG is an odourless and colourless gas. An odourant is added to make it easier to detect leaks – so when you “smell gas”, you’re actually smelling that added odour.

If you can smell gas, check:

Whether any pilot lights on your appliances have gone out
If any burners on your stove are accidentally turned on
Connections to your gas cylinder, gas appliances and equipment
Your gas cylinder might be close to empty


What to do before evacuating (only if safe to do so)

Turn off the LPG cylinder at the valve on top (turn in direction of arrows)
Leave the cylinder where installed – upright, secured to something solid and on a stable base
Remove cylinders attached to wooden structures (such as barbecues) and place upright on a solid base
Remove anything combustible around your gas cylinders.


Put cylinders inside a house, garage or shed as they may present a hazard to firefighters
Lay a cylinder on its side – it is designed to vent gas if it heats up and becomes over-pressurised
Cover a cylinder with wet material – it might dry out and combust, heating the cylinder.

Be prepared

Make sure you and your family have prepared and practiced an escape plan in case of bush fire
Talk to your state’s fire service for information and safety tips for your area.

In case of emergency

In life threatening situations, call 000 (fire/ambulance/police)
For gas emergencies, please call us on 08 8391 1688